Dedicated Talent


Define your specific HR needs

Describe the HR support you need right now and the core competencies you are seeking in prospective candidates. We can find the right professionals for you – either for a temporary project or for a permanent placement. They will work for you from our office in Bulgaria.


Make your new team members feel part of your team instantly

Select your talent from a shortlist of candidates matching your requirements and help them feel comfortable as members of your team. The better and quicker their integration, the more fruitful your collaboration will be.


Train your dedicated talent

Introduce your new team members to your organizational culture, set your expectations and equip them with the skills they need to excel at their job.


Benefit from InPoint’s assistance and expertise

Your talent would be set for success thanks to our Swiss HR experts and internal processes ensuring high quality service.


Collaborate effectively with your dedicated talent

Throughout your employment relationship with your dedicated talent, InPoint takes care of all employer-related administrative procedures and ensures an attractive work environment, healthy work conditions and an effective retention plan.


The HR team members of a multinational middle-sized company based in Geneva used to receive dozens of repetitive email queries every day. They hired an external HR professional and created a generic HR email box in addition to the individual email addresses. The dedicated talent has been managing this generic email box successfully for the past few months. He replies to most queries related to internal HR policies and processes, annual and sickness leaves, departure modalities, and corporate benefits, and helps employees find the information they need. This approach has significantly decreased the HR professionals’ individual email flows, enabling them to focus on the tasks that best match their expertise.