On-site support


Delegate repetitive administrative tasks

Reach out to us to help you identify repetitive admin tasks such as scanning, filing and archiving, collecting signatures, and handing signed documents to employees, among others, that your on-site support will perform on your behalf on a weekly basis.


Set specific goals

Decide how much time you want to get back for more valuable activities that require your expertise and when and for how long you want your InPoint resource to be present on your premises. We can provide you with a suitable professional both for a temporary project (such as assistance in preparing payroll or social security audits) and for a continuous mandate (for ongoing tasks).


Train your on-site support

Introduce your new external resource to your organizational culture, set the objectives and train him/her the way you want the job to be performed.


Take advantage of InPoint’s expertise

Thanks to our guidance and internal policies, you can be sure that your on-site support members will adhere to the highest quality service standards. 


Work fruitfully with your on-site support

While working with your on-site support, you can focus on your core business activities because InPoint takes care of all employment-related administrative procedures that usually drain your energy and time.


A Geneva-based middle-sized company has used our on-site support, freeing two days a week for their three-member HR team. As a result, their HR specialists can use their expertise and skills to do the work that brings real value to the organization and allows them to acquire new knowledge along the way.