Outsourcing of Business Processes


Choose which activities to outsource

Contact us to help you identify HR admin activities, such as drafting of work certificates, recruitment administration and preparation of contractual documents, that InPoint talents will perform on your behalf.


Decide what you want to achieve

Think about how much time you want to get back for more valuable activities that require your expertise. We can support you both in a temporary project and in a continuous mandate.


Let us design the process

Count on us to map the process you chose to assign to InPoint. We will suggest the most efficient way to outsource it with us in line with your organizational culture and current procedures. You can entrust us either with parts of a process or with the whole process.


Ensure the highest quality standards

Thanks to our HR experts and internal processes ensuring high quality service standards you will be set for success. 


Focus on the work that matters

Experience streamlined, efficient and smooth workflow and focus on the activities where your expertise can make the greatest difference.


Work Certificates

Creating a good work certificate is a demanding task that takes, on average, between 1 or 2 hours. If you entrust this process to our care, you will get this time back and you can then use it for more valuable activities. Our talents, who are proficient in French and/or English and have exceptional editing skills, will draft the work certificate according to your specific requirements. An HR expert will review it to ensure compliance with Swiss law. Finally, we will share the document with you for further internal actions. 

Even better

If you rely on our on-site support, you can rest assured that they will take care of all the admin work related to the preparation of the work certificate. Specifically, they will collect the manager’s feedback and pass it on to our editors along with the employee’s job history. They will then receive the work certificate from the editors, deliver it to your HRBP and the employee’s manager for review, collect signatures, scan the document for the employee’s file and send it to the employee.